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Hotpot Havoc

The annual Hotpot Havoc Challenge has begun! Cook, dip and eat your way to victory against up to 4 other competitors! Fill your bowl with the best and most delicious ingredients and be the first in line to pick the perfect sauce for your food, but be careful not to overeat! Pick your bowls wisely and you might stand a chance to be the ultimate Hotpot Havoc Champion!

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Mad rush to fill bowls for great fun!


Split second decisions in a real time game!

Mouthwatering hotpot ingredients!

How to Play?

Pair a bowl with your favourite soup base

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Be the fastest to fill it with tasty ingredients

but be careful not to let it overflow!

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Choose the most suitable sauce to score more points!

First come first serve!

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The person with the most points becomes the new

Hotpot Havoc Champion!

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Available in major retail stores & boardgame outlets

Hotpot Havoc Rulebook

Available in

  • English

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Traditional Chinese