Combo Cone Paradise

Welcome to Combo Cone Paradise, where our combos are even sweeter than our ice cream. Congratulations on your first day, rookie! You and up to 4 other newly hired Combo Artisans will be fronting this branch, serving up sweet combolicious ice cream to our customers. Of course, each of you will be evaluated, and the Artisan who brings in the most coin by the end of the day shall be promoted to Head Combo Artisan of this branch!


Pre-order comes with uniquely Singapore ice-cream rainbow bread!

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Chain combos to victory

Great fun for the whole family!

Combolicious ice cream artwork!

How to play?

Scoop up four fabulous ice cream flavours from four fabulous brands!


Look for the coveted Rainbow ice cream which gives a power-up!

Triple 19.png
Double 9.png
Double 5.png
Triple 10.png

Serve more customers by creating combo chains with ice-cream brands

Rasp 14.png
Rasp 5.png
Rasp 8 - Copy.png
Chocolate 11.png

The artisan with the most coins earns the title of 
Head Combo Artisan!


Fulfill customer's orders by serving them the right favors

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Cone Card.png
flipped red arrow.png
Rainbow Bread.png
Rasp 14.png

Pre-order now for a special edition Rainbow Loaf Pack!

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Delivery date is expected to be in Nov 2021

Combo Cone Paradise Rulebook
Available in

  • English

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Traditional Chinese