Check Out! is a 2 to 6 player dice chucking, fast grabbing, family tabletop game where you rush to your favourite convenience store to grab your favourite snacks. Unfortunately, it’s everyone’s favourite too! The clock is ticking, and speed is of the essence! Grab what you can before others get their grubby hands on it and be the first in line to check out to get priority access to the sweet, sweet over-the-counter deals! Will you be able to fill your growling hunger and get to work on time?

Pre-Order comes with limited edition COVID-19 promo cards and game delivery expected in Aug 2020. Grab them while stocks last!


Roll Dice to Grab Food

You can keep re-rolling your unused dice until you get the numbers you want

Check out your unused dice at the check out counter by shouting "Check Out!" 

You have to check out if you are the last player rolling dice

Players can grab deals using unused dice based on the order by which they checked out

Some deals are cheaper to buy if you manage to buy certain type of food during the round

Unused dice can be exchanged for savings at the end of the round 

Savings are worth 1 point each!

The last round is the bonus round when all discarded products are up for grabs

You can buy up to 5 dice using your savings

Unused dice will be discarded at the end of the round, so plan your strategy carefully before using up your savings

The player with most points wins!


Limited Edition COVID-19 Cards!

Limited Copies. While Stock Last!

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Game delivery expected in Aug 2020

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